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If you've been searching for internet configuration settings (manual or automatic) for MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel to enable you browse the internet and enjoy the full data benefits of your Nigerian network provider, then you should give this a close look, otherwise,

you can just scroll pass bye to any other article you find interesting.

P.S: this post is to help those who are Unable to configure their phones (android, IOS, Blackberry), PC modems, to browse the internet. All Nigerian Network Configuration Settings (MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL)

Below is a list and full review of all Major Nigerian network configuration setting. For those that were unable to configure their phones automatically, you can stick to the below options and steps to get it done.

The settings below include manual configuration settings and MMS settings for all Nigerian major Networks.

Airtel Internet Settings (wap+Apn) Manual and automatic configuration settings. 3G

Airtel Automatic configuration settings

To configure your Airtel sim on either your mobile phones or Laptop/Pc modems, SMS the word "Internet followed by Phone Make and Model" to 232 I.E send in an sms format Internet Nokia 3310 to 232

*Airtel Manual Internet configuration Settings

To manually configure your airtel internet settings for either your android device, blackberry or laptop pc, just navigate to the connectivity or packet data settings area of your device and fill as follows.
  • Account Name - Airtel by Confipost
  • Homepage «»» http://wap.ng.airtel.com
  • Username «»» Internet
  • Password «»» Internet
  • APN or Access point «»» internet.ng.zain.com or internet.ng.airtel.com
  • IP or proxy address «»»
  • Port or Proxy port «»» 8080
Leave every other fields blank. If you use a blackberry device, just go to options > device > advanced system settings > TCP IP and fill with the required fields with the information provided above. Tick/check the Apn settings enabled and the APN authentication enabled buttons respectively.

MTN Internet Settings (wap+Apn) Manual and automatic configuration settings.

Mtn internet data settings
Chances are that your MTN sim once inserted into any of your android, Iphone+Ipad, Blackberry, If on the other hand, you didn't receive any message from them or internet settings. Then proceed to the manual mtn apn settings and mtn wap configuration settings below. Or try this as well.. Text Settings to 3888

*MTN Manual Internet Wap configuration and MTN APN settings

To configure your mtn internet settings for either your android device, blackberry or laptop pc manually, just navigate to the connectivity or data settings area of your device and fill as follows.
  • Account Name:» MTN by Confipost
  • Homepage:» http://wap.mtnonline.com or http://wap.mtnonlineplay.com
  • Username:» web
  • Password:» web
  • Access Point or APN:» web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • IP or Proxy:» or
  • Port: 8080
Leave every other fields blank or empty. If you use a blackberry device, just go to options > device > advanced system settings > TCP IP and fill with the required fields with the information provided above. Tick or check the Apn settings enabled and the APN authentication enabled boxes respectively.

Glo Internet Settings (Apn+Wap) Automatic and Manual Internet configuration settings.

*Glo configuration settings (Automatic)

If your device is one of the smart tech gadgets/ devices, then you will automatically be configured without even doing a single thing.. All it takes is just insert your glo sim with data in it and click connect. If on the other hand it didn't turn out that way, then heres a simple method to receive the Glo internet settings on your phone to browse on Glo. Send PHONE MODEL to 927 I.E Nokia C2 to 927.

*Glo Manual Internet Configuration Settings and Apn.

To get your Glo operating device configured to browse the internet, for either your android device, blackberry or laptop pc manually, just navigate to the connectivity or data settings area of your device and fill as follows.
  • Account Name:»» GLO by Confipost
  • Homepage: http://wap.gloworld.com
  • Username:»» flat
  • Password:»» flat
  • Access Point or APN:»» gloflat
  • IP or Proxy Address:
  • Port: 8080
Leave every other fields empty. If you use a blackberry device, just go to options > device > advanced system settings > TCP IP and fill with the required fields only. Using the information provided above. Also, tick/select the Apn settings enabled and APN authentication enabled boxes respectively.  

Etisalat Internet Settings (Apn, Wap &Web) Manual and automatic configuration settings.

From the Engineering team of Etisalat. Your etisalat-branded usb modem or data card has already been configured so you do not have to worry about that.

  if you are not using an etisalat-branded device, you can request for etisalat’s internet browsing settings (also referred to as APN settings or packet data settings on some phones) by typing the word settings as an SMS and send to 790, its free of charge.  

if your handset or device allows over-the-air updates, you will receive an SMS notifying you to save setup information that the network will send to you. please save the settings as soon as they are delivered to your phone, so to avoid deleting them by mistake  

also, if you currently enjoy internet browsing using your 3.75G enabled handset on easyblaze, chances are that your handset is already configured to use etisalat’s data network. Either ways, you may however send settings to 790 to be double sure!  

for handsets or other devices that need to be configured manually (e.g. most windows-based handsets), you will need to configure the data settings on your handset with the settings information provided below:

*Etisalat Manual Internet Data Settings and Apn.

  • Account Name: ETISALAT by Confipost
  • Homepage → http://www.etisalat.com.ng OR http://mobile.etisalat.com.ng
  • Username: (leave it empty)
  • Password: (leave it empty)
  • Access Point or APN → etisalat
  • IP or Proxy Address → OR
  • Port → 8080
  • No username or password is required to use etisalat’s data settings
You can also send the word “settings” to “790” to push manual settings in text format to phones that cannot be configured over the air.

 Tablets, Laptops and Pc modem device automatically receives the mtn internet configuration settings and browses straight away.. Otherwise, you get a message requesting you to save the settings to enable you use them.. All you do is click "save"

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It’s no more a breaking news that Capital One has teamed with Amazon to allow owners of Amazon’s Echo smart speaker system pay their bills plus get other account information through voice commands.

The Amazon’s Echo speakers use a voice-command service called “Alexa” to help users perform various tasks. Tasks like turning on smart lights, playing music or setting a kitchen timer.

The number of so-called “skills” Alexa can perform has been growing since the Echo became widely available last year and now numbers more than 100. Cool...

The Capital One service will be the first time a credit-card company has been involved, however. Capital One will let users check their credit card balance, review recent transactions, pay their credit card bill and perform other tasks simply by talking to the device. Amazing I will say..

Users can sign up for the service via the Amazon Echo setup app. There they can set up a checking account link if they want to pay their credit card balance via the Echo.

Now, to set up a session with Capital One, they give a voice command such as: “Alexa, ask Capital One for my Quicksilver Card balance” or “Alexa, ask Capital One to pay my credit card bill.”

Security concerns have swirled around Amazon’s Echo since it debuted, since the $179 device is always “on.” But Ken Dodelin, vice president of digital products management at McLean, Virginia-based Capital One, has assured that the service is secure.

Here’s what Dodelin said:
“As a bank we’re much attuned to security concerns,”
He further added
When a user of the service asks Alexa to perform a Capitol One task, they will be prompted for a four-digit personal key that users set up when they enable the skill. The key is optional, but the default is set to on,

After a user says the key, the session with Capital One will be unlocked for five minutes, and then the user has to say the key again.

The service will work via Alexa on the Echo, the recently announced $129.99 Amazon Tap and the $89.99 Echo Dot, which are both variations of the Echo speaker; and Amazon’s Fire TV devices.


Need an Amazon’s Echo? Tap or dot? Get One Here From Amazon
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The much anticipated and so much talked about iPhone 7 which was launched not quiet long ago by the mobile manufacturing giant "Apple" has finally landed in/ selling in Nigeria as well as some other parts of Africa.

You will recall that the release and launch of the Iphone 7 has since been creating so much buzz (especially in the Nigerian web world, perhaps, its because the country is facing recession and with the high conversion rate of the Dollar aginst the Naira or Naira against the Dollar. Anyone you can relate with **winks**). Finally, though not the first to arrive in the country, but has now finally landed openly in Nigeria with leading E-commerce store like Jumia having just few stocks available.

The Iphone7 has since arrived Nigeria and has been listed in the Jumia Nigeria and Kenya stores respectively..

How Much is the Iphone7 Selling in Nigeria?

Hmm.. Honestly, the price will shock you. Yes I know, everyone has since been talking about the price been able to buy a land in some part of the country, but none knew exactly what it will go for.. but true sha, it can get you a land in some part of the country.

Its Breaking...

Its Breaking...

And Finally, It Broke..

The New Iphone 7 Currently Goes for 473,700 (on Jumia Nigeria) Still waiting for a report from Konga Nigeria

Although this might seem too much for a smartphone for an average Nigerian, it is however worth it for others and yes, they will certainly go for it. If you fee the Iphone 7 is a good fit for its price in Naira, then go for it, if on the other hand you think its too much, you can just swallow some saliva and read some other interesting news on BuzzedNG.

Finally, the iPhone 7 is now available in Nigeria and Kenya slots, All what you have to do, is make your purchase via the Jumia Ecommerce portal and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Image Credit: BuzzedNG

Where to Get Genuine and Original Iphone 7?

You can buy it from
Jumia Nigeria.  ₦ 473,700 Buy Now
Jumia Kenya Buy Now

If you have any question or inquiries to make about the Iphone 7, kindly make use of the comment box and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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Offering coverage of World + Nigeria Newspapers, Business, Tech & Startups. A hub for social news, blogs and original content in Africa.

Ever admired that programmer you met somewhere some time ago and wished you were him or her? Not a big deal, if you have ever and is still dreaming of becoming an android app developer, then there are some things you should know before you even consider trying to start.
Google Advertising

If you wish to become an android app developer, obviously, you can’t just sit down, sleep, wake up one day and say to yourself  “ Today, I am going to develop an android app for myself or any organization that cares

Android app developer
Image Credit: Appstudio
In everything we do in life, there are certain prices we have to pay. This indeed is a fair deal comparing to the benefits that far awaits us if we eventually succeed. (You can’t imagine how happy you will be._)

If you wish to become an android app developer, then, there are certain things you must and should do, to prepare yourself for the long race. And here on this page, we have outlined only but a few. LET’S GO:

1.] Learn How a Computer Works

One unavoidable step in becoming or learning to program / develop an app, is knowing the very basics of how a computer works. The reason for this is because; let’s face it, if you are going to be developing apps, you need to have some idea of how a computer works.

Yes, you need to know some key things and NO; you don’t need to know everything. but the fact still remains, and that is, you do need to know how the computer actually works, how a program works, what that program is made of and you need to understand some of the basic terminology used in the industry – bits, bytes, conditionals, loops, etc.

So, your very first step is to do a little research and familiarize yourself with these things. Thank God for Google.

2.] Learn Object Oriented Programming and Java

Hopefully, you should have learned some of the basics as stated in the very first step. Now it’s time to dig that little bit deeper and find out how today programs have been written with speed and efficiency in mind. You should or preferably must learn Java programming because that is the core of the Android language.

Java is widely used so you won’t find it difficult to get a handle on it and, once you have learnt some of it, move on to object oriented programming. When you understand how both of these work, you are ready to start narrowing it down to the world of Android.

3.] The Android SDK and the Developers Website

So, you have learnt a bit about how computers and programs works plus you also know something about Java and object oriented programming. Then you are now set/ prepared to get into the finer points of developing an app for Android.

One of the best things about Android development is that just about everything you need is packaged up neatly into one SDK or Software Development Kit. Like other platforms, Android also comes with an optimized IDE – (Integrated Development Environment). So, all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the methods and the tools that Android supplies you.

The most important thing, I mean; something that is very effective is learning what you can about Android’s architecture. Each platform is different in the way it does things so you should get yourself up to scratch with the basics – it will help your efficiency and code writing in the future as well.

And Finally, You know the regular saying “Practice makes perfect” or you are used to this one “A day off practicing a skill or subject = 1 week of lost memory about that subject / skill

4.] Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing will improve your skills as much as doing as many projects as you possibly can. It actually doesn’t hurt to just set as many new projects as possible and test different things/ steps with each. It’s yours; no one is going to yell at you for failing while practicing.

Any time you want to learn something, set up a project and start looking at it in parts. That way you will learn more and you can apply to the project directly from the learning materials that are supplied for you. Not only will this give you a learning edge, it will also save you time. (Though I doubt that, as time wastage on a particular course is a good thing during practice/ learning stage.)

Got anything more to add? Or perhaps you disagree with any of the points listed above? No need to burn out; let’s address it via the comment box below.

And YES, how about sharing this with your friends, family or loved ones interested in becoming an android app developer on social media? You can simply do that by using any of the social share buttons above or below right here on this page. SHARING IS CARING.
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how to Run iOS Apps on Android devices
Image Credit: TheappforPC
  • Cider is a new program that enables users to run IOS apps on any Android device – and have access to all their Apple content

Google Advertising

No doubt, a day where Android users can have full access to Apple’s App Store is just around the corner and may be with us sooner rather than later.

Six students at Columbia University have developed Cider, a piece of software that enables users to access a wide library of IOS apps across their Android devices. As well as bridging the gap between both operating systems, Cider has also been created for users to have a single device for their app content, instead of needing multiple devices.

The project isn’t currently without its limitations however, with members of the research team pointing out that Apple apps tend to run slightly slower on Android devices and there are performance issues with Bluetooth  and GPS systems not working properly.

The research team has said that Cider is currently just a prototype, and as of yet, there are  no plans to turn it into a widely available product that everyday users will have access to whenever they might need it.
Offering coverage of World + Nigeria Newspapers, Business, Tech & Startups. A hub for social news, blogs and original content in Africa.
samsung galaxy note7 explode
Image credit: PocketNow
  • Samsung galaxy S and note 7 respectively has since generated a strong buzz on the world wide web with its outrageous mode of exploding and causing burns+ afflicting pains on people. 

  • Samsung has been sued for numerous cases of afflicting 2nd and 3rd degree injury on people. 

  • Samsung recalls all of its galaxy s7 devices worldwide as Airlines are equally banning the use of Samsung galaxy note 7 devices worldwide.

You will recall that there was a buzz on the internet from around the globe some months ago, when Samsung first rumored its Monster device. (The Samsung galaxy S7) which finally launched not quiet long after the release of its galaxy s6 device, with amazing specs. --source: Samsung official-- 

One would wonder if they were pursuing them with a Cain to produce new devices with the rate at which they were busy manufacturing and producing new devices and pushing them to the telecom market. Ranging from the J series which saw a break-through in India, down to the S series which is supposedly to also see same in the US. Yea, it did see a boom in the US mobile market as well. --Techgig--

After much hype, excitement, trends + ado, the Samsung galaxy s7 (first out march 11) finally launched in may 2016 and recorded a really amazing sale of over 100,000+ units within two days after it official launch in south Korea.(part of the new technology and new gadgets of the year)

"Sales of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge reached a combined 60,000 on Friday and 40,000 on Saturday after the smart phones hit South Korean market on Friday. The Galaxy S7 Edge accounted for some 40 percent of the two-day sales, --Ndtv--

According to latest mobile market data numbers by Kantar , World-panel;
Samsung's flagship models; Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge accounted for 16 percent of all smartphone sales in the US, while iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus accounted for 14.6 percent of sales in three months ended May.

Even though Apple's flagships were launched in September last year and those of Samsung in March this year, this can be considered a worrying sign for the Cupertino-based company as it showed a trend of maintaining lead in market sales despite the launch gap till this very year.

Just when everyone was happy about the new device and their newly acquired wireless machine, **Face meets palm** Little did begin to realize that their wonderfully and powerfully made mobile device in a very fanciful and premium package was nothing but a mobile time bomb. Just waiting to explode, as there has lately been a rise of cases where the Samsung galaxy S7 Exploded causing burns and inflicting pains on the life of individuals and families. --google trends--

In a warning message issued few days ago by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it  warned owners and users of Samsung Galaxy7 devices to “power them down and stop charging or using” the devices.

You will recall that Samsung has already issued a recall of sorts, “advising” customers to take their Galaxy7 devices to a store and exchange them for a temporary phone, and eventually a non-exploding device.

You will also recall that Some airlines have already banned and many is still banning + ready to ban passengers from using or charging their Note 7s while in flight. No one knows yet, but this  may probably lead to a complete ban of the Samsung galaxy7 devices across major or all airline globally.

Not withstanding, you will agree with me that outside the whole bombing, burning and blowing off, of the Samsung galaxy7 series (S7 and Note7 respectively), its specs still remains one to beat by other mobile manufacturers out there in the competitive mobile market.

What's your take on this?

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Let's hear your thought on this. We just hope samsung wont make same mistake on other galaxy models like the Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 edge to be released.
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MTN 4G Lte
Image Credit: Youtube

You will recall that there has been some buzz in the Nigerian tech world (blogs and magazines included) recently concerning the first; Breakout news of MTNs 4GLTE which was supposed to be the crusher of Ntel 4G, then the beta testing stage of the proposed 4GLTE and later on the release/unveiling of the 4GLTE data plans.. --Source--Google MTN4G Trends--


You will recall sometime ago, MTN was first rumored to acquire the one and only CDMA device in Nigeria and maybe Africa "Visafone". Of which it later openly acquired the network January 8 2016 in an undisclosed amount behind a closed curtain which brought mixed reactions from other telecom operators in the country. -- Premium Times--

With regards to this change of ownership of the then only CDMA network in the country, MTN NG encouraged subscribers and users of the Visafone network to Migrate over to the MTN network and compesated each migrants with the sum of N5,000 in value of airtime. [I was a beneficiary of this offer]

Upon Acquisition of the Visafone Network, MTN NG promised all data plans and bundles + tarrifs  would remain the same, as you can see on their official page here, which obviously turned out to be a FAT LIE as they completely destroyed the Unlimited Internet access first granted to the Visafone Blackberry Users. Which was the star attraction of the network.  (Tarrif plans still remains the same though). 

Upon this trait of betrayal, the telecommunication giant rolled out a data plan which was tagged "VSF" a short accronym for the word "Visafone" and encouraged all Visafone migrants to start using this plan specifically made for them.

Conspiracy Of The MTN 4GLTE and VSF Bundles.

Not quiet long, MTN NG rolled out its 4GLTE plan, which has made subscribers ponder whether subscribing to these plans will super charge their internet speed. No wonder there has been some debate online as to whether the MTN 4GLTE is an alien network that can't be accessed by 3G UMTS network.

Below are some key facts you didn't know about MTN 4GLTE.

  • MTN 4GLTE data plans is the same as the then released MTN VSF (mtn visafone) data bundles and can both be accessed by dialing *444#

  • An average 3G network in an area with proper network coverage is as fast as [if not faster than] the proposed 4GLTE in many major locations/cities. The reason for this is simple, Nigeria is still welcoming the 4G network.

  • An average  sim card in a Nokia 3310 phone can access and buy any of the data plans available by dialing *444#.

  • When you dial the *444# to subscribe to the 4G LTE plan, the "VSF" you see there means "Visafone" which was introduced immediately after the acquisition of the visafone network.

  • MTN VSF users can no longer subscribe to the normal mtn blackberry bundles using "21600" as they have been restricted to use the *444# option solely meant for them. 4G or no 4G device.

(I personally encoutered this, when I got a reply from MTN denying me access, upon trying to subscribe to the BIS plan with my migrated visafone sim which I have been doing since without any hassle )

In a swift reaction to the MTN 4GLTE, while some users lament saying the data plans are just too expensive others claim it is a way for MTN to make public again their Failed VSF data plan which obviously didn't get attraction from Visafone users who migrated to the MTN Network.


Let's hear your take on this.
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Offering coverage of World + Nigeria Newspapers, Business, Tech & Startups. A hub for social news, blogs and original content in Africa.

You will recall that in April 2014, the father of social media "Facebook" reportedly acquired the social media bride and companion "Whatsapp" for a disclosed amount of $16Billion (16 billion US dollars). --- CNN Money--

After the purchase, everyone wondered what benefit this would add to Facebook since whatsapp was a free to use social chat app.. Time continue to roll pass and there began to unfold few little noticeable changes in whatsapp..

Not until recently, when the global messaging service WhatsApp provoked the world  by announcing that it is to start sharing its user data with its parent company Facebook. Which according to the company

"the new change is meant only to help improve the relevant ads on Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as helping to improve the messaging platform.

This obviously didn't go down well with so many users of both services as it was no doubt a breach in privacy and a threat to national security --ComputerWeekly--

Many of the social media platforms users (especially the tech bloggers)  including this one from ExpressUK , have been sharing and creating awareness to the general public, telling them how they can opt-out of this WhatsApp’s new changes, to prevent the messaging service from sending their phone numbers to Facebook.

However, it has now emerged that though you might have chosen not to share your account information under this WhatsApp’s latest policy change, you are not in any way guaranteed that the messaging platform will not share your phone number with Facebook.

In a recent interview with a Facebook spokesperson by the by Hindustantimes (an Asian based newspaper)   it was confirmed that even if you opt out, you are still not 100% safe.

“If you choose to opt out, this means Facebook won’t be able to suggest friends or improve the ads you see based on your WhatsApp number,” --spokesperson.

When asked, however, if phone numbers will still be shared, the spokesperson said: “…the phone number is being shared with Facebook, but it will not be in the public domain. Also some basic device information is being shared: mobile carrier code, identifier, mobile country code.”

However, the quick messaging platform made sure to re-assure its users that their privacy is still of great concern to them.

“WhatsApp has become even more private and secure since joining Facebook, as we launched end-to-end encryption, which ensures messages can only be read by people in the conversation. WhatsApp can’t read them and neither can Facebook.”. While also promising that there will be no form of third party banner ads on global chat messenger whatsapp..

What's your take on this?
Image Credit: Theguardian