Ever admired that programmer you met somewhere some time ago and wished you were him or her? Not a big deal, if you have ever and is still dreaming of becoming an android app developer, then there are some things you should know before you even consider trying to start.
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If you wish to become an android app developer, obviously, you can’t just sit down, sleep, wake up one day and say to yourself  “ Today, I am going to develop an android app for myself or any organization that cares

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In everything we do in life, there are certain prices we have to pay. This indeed is a fair deal comparing to the benefits that far awaits us if we eventually succeed. (You can’t imagine how happy you will be._)

If you wish to become an android app developer, then, there are certain things you must and should do, to prepare yourself for the long race. And here on this page, we have outlined only but a few. LET’S GO:

1.] Learn How a Computer Works

One unavoidable step in becoming or learning to program / develop an app, is knowing the very basics of how a computer works. The reason for this is because; let’s face it, if you are going to be developing apps, you need to have some idea of how a computer works.

Yes, you need to know some key things and NO; you don’t need to know everything. but the fact still remains, and that is, you do need to know how the computer actually works, how a program works, what that program is made of and you need to understand some of the basic terminology used in the industry – bits, bytes, conditionals, loops, etc.

So, your very first step is to do a little research and familiarize yourself with these things. Thank God for Google.

2.] Learn Object Oriented Programming and Java

Hopefully, you should have learned some of the basics as stated in the very first step. Now it’s time to dig that little bit deeper and find out how today programs have been written with speed and efficiency in mind. You should or preferably must learn Java programming because that is the core of the Android language.

Java is widely used so you won’t find it difficult to get a handle on it and, once you have learnt some of it, move on to object oriented programming. When you understand how both of these work, you are ready to start narrowing it down to the world of Android.

3.] The Android SDK and the Developers Website

So, you have learnt a bit about how computers and programs works plus you also know something about Java and object oriented programming. Then you are now set/ prepared to get into the finer points of developing an app for Android.

One of the best things about Android development is that just about everything you need is packaged up neatly into one SDK or Software Development Kit. Like other platforms, Android also comes with an optimized IDE – (Integrated Development Environment). So, all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the methods and the tools that Android supplies you.

The most important thing, I mean; something that is very effective is learning what you can about Android’s architecture. Each platform is different in the way it does things so you should get yourself up to scratch with the basics – it will help your efficiency and code writing in the future as well.

And Finally, You know the regular saying “Practice makes perfect” or you are used to this one “A day off practicing a skill or subject = 1 week of lost memory about that subject / skill

4.] Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing will improve your skills as much as doing as many projects as you possibly can. It actually doesn’t hurt to just set as many new projects as possible and test different things/ steps with each. It’s yours; no one is going to yell at you for failing while practicing.

Any time you want to learn something, set up a project and start looking at it in parts. That way you will learn more and you can apply to the project directly from the learning materials that are supplied for you. Not only will this give you a learning edge, it will also save you time. (Though I doubt that, as time wastage on a particular course is a good thing during practice/ learning stage.)

Got anything more to add? Or perhaps you disagree with any of the points listed above? No need to burn out; let’s address it via the comment box below.

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