The much anticipated and so much talked about iPhone 7 which was launched not quiet long ago by the mobile manufacturing giant "Apple" has finally landed in/ selling in Nigeria as well as some other parts of Africa.

You will recall that the release and launch of the Iphone 7 has since been creating so much buzz (especially in the Nigerian web world, perhaps, its because the country is facing recession and with the high conversion rate of the Dollar aginst the Naira or Naira against the Dollar. Anyone you can relate with **winks**). Finally, though not the first to arrive in the country, but has now finally landed openly in Nigeria with leading E-commerce store like Jumia having just few stocks available.

The Iphone7 has since arrived Nigeria and has been listed in the Jumia Nigeria and Kenya stores respectively..

How Much is the Iphone7 Selling in Nigeria?

Hmm.. Honestly, the price will shock you. Yes I know, everyone has since been talking about the price been able to buy a land in some part of the country, but none knew exactly what it will go for.. but true sha, it can get you a land in some part of the country.

Its Breaking...

Its Breaking...

And Finally, It Broke..

The New Iphone 7 Currently Goes for 473,700 (on Jumia Nigeria) Still waiting for a report from Konga Nigeria

Although this might seem too much for a smartphone for an average Nigerian, it is however worth it for others and yes, they will certainly go for it. If you fee the Iphone 7 is a good fit for its price in Naira, then go for it, if on the other hand you think its too much, you can just swallow some saliva and read some other interesting news on BuzzedNG.

Finally, the iPhone 7 is now available in Nigeria and Kenya slots, All what you have to do, is make your purchase via the Jumia Ecommerce portal and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Image Credit: BuzzedNG

Where to Get Genuine and Original Iphone 7?

You can buy it from
Jumia Nigeria.  ₦ 473,700 Buy Now
Jumia Kenya Buy Now

If you have any question or inquiries to make about the Iphone 7, kindly make use of the comment box and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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  1. N473700.00 damn!, this is luxury for an average Nigerian, in this current economy. Can I use this phone for time travel

    1. lol.. maybe you will be able to travel back in time with it. who knows?