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You will recall that there has been some buzz in the Nigerian tech world (blogs and magazines included) recently concerning the first; Breakout news of MTNs 4GLTE which was supposed to be the crusher of Ntel 4G, then the beta testing stage of the proposed 4GLTE and later on the release/unveiling of the 4GLTE data plans.. --Source--Google MTN4G Trends--


You will recall sometime ago, MTN was first rumored to acquire the one and only CDMA device in Nigeria and maybe Africa "Visafone". Of which it later openly acquired the network January 8 2016 in an undisclosed amount behind a closed curtain which brought mixed reactions from other telecom operators in the country. -- Premium Times--

With regards to this change of ownership of the then only CDMA network in the country, MTN NG encouraged subscribers and users of the Visafone network to Migrate over to the MTN network and compesated each migrants with the sum of N5,000 in value of airtime. [I was a beneficiary of this offer]

Upon Acquisition of the Visafone Network, MTN NG promised all data plans and bundles + tarrifs  would remain the same, as you can see on their official page here, which obviously turned out to be a FAT LIE as they completely destroyed the Unlimited Internet access first granted to the Visafone Blackberry Users. Which was the star attraction of the network.  (Tarrif plans still remains the same though). 

Upon this trait of betrayal, the telecommunication giant rolled out a data plan which was tagged "VSF" a short accronym for the word "Visafone" and encouraged all Visafone migrants to start using this plan specifically made for them.

Conspiracy Of The MTN 4GLTE and VSF Bundles.

Not quiet long, MTN NG rolled out its 4GLTE plan, which has made subscribers ponder whether subscribing to these plans will super charge their internet speed. No wonder there has been some debate online as to whether the MTN 4GLTE is an alien network that can't be accessed by 3G UMTS network.

Below are some key facts you didn't know about MTN 4GLTE.

  • MTN 4GLTE data plans is the same as the then released MTN VSF (mtn visafone) data bundles and can both be accessed by dialing *444#

  • An average 3G network in an area with proper network coverage is as fast as [if not faster than] the proposed 4GLTE in many major locations/cities. The reason for this is simple, Nigeria is still welcoming the 4G network.

  • An average  sim card in a Nokia 3310 phone can access and buy any of the data plans available by dialing *444#.

  • When you dial the *444# to subscribe to the 4G LTE plan, the "VSF" you see there means "Visafone" which was introduced immediately after the acquisition of the visafone network.

  • MTN VSF users can no longer subscribe to the normal mtn blackberry bundles using "21600" as they have been restricted to use the *444# option solely meant for them. 4G or no 4G device.

(I personally encoutered this, when I got a reply from MTN denying me access, upon trying to subscribe to the BIS plan with my migrated visafone sim which I have been doing since without any hassle )

In a swift reaction to the MTN 4GLTE, while some users lament saying the data plans are just too expensive others claim it is a way for MTN to make public again their Failed VSF data plan which obviously didn't get attraction from Visafone users who migrated to the MTN Network.


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