the recent explosion of the Samsung galaxy S7 and Note7 respectively has since become a major security concern for most individuals and organizations.
samsung galaxy note7 explode
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  • Samsung galaxy S and note 7 respectively has since generated a strong buzz on the world wide web with its outrageous mode of exploding and causing burns+ afflicting pains on people. 

  • Samsung has been sued for numerous cases of afflicting 2nd and 3rd degree injury on people. 

  • Samsung recalls all of its galaxy s7 devices worldwide as Airlines are equally banning the use of Samsung galaxy note 7 devices worldwide.

You will recall that there was a buzz on the internet from around the globe some months ago, when Samsung first rumored its Monster device. (The Samsung galaxy S7) which finally launched not quiet long after the release of its galaxy s6 device, with amazing specs. --source: Samsung official-- 

One would wonder if they were pursuing them with a Cain to produce new devices with the rate at which they were busy manufacturing and producing new devices and pushing them to the telecom market. Ranging from the J series which saw a break-through in India, down to the S series which is supposedly to also see same in the US. Yea, it did see a boom in the US mobile market as well. --Techgig--

After much hype, excitement, trends + ado, the Samsung galaxy s7 (first out march 11) finally launched in may 2016 and recorded a really amazing sale of over 100,000+ units within two days after it official launch in south Korea.(part of the new technology and new gadgets of the year)

"Sales of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge reached a combined 60,000 on Friday and 40,000 on Saturday after the smart phones hit South Korean market on Friday. The Galaxy S7 Edge accounted for some 40 percent of the two-day sales, --Ndtv--

According to latest mobile market data numbers by Kantar , World-panel;
Samsung's flagship models; Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge accounted for 16 percent of all smartphone sales in the US, while iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus accounted for 14.6 percent of sales in three months ended May.

Even though Apple's flagships were launched in September last year and those of Samsung in March this year, this can be considered a worrying sign for the Cupertino-based company as it showed a trend of maintaining lead in market sales despite the launch gap till this very year.

Just when everyone was happy about the new device and their newly acquired wireless machine, **Face meets palm** Little did begin to realize that their wonderfully and powerfully made mobile device in a very fanciful and premium package was nothing but a mobile time bomb. Just waiting to explode, as there has lately been a rise of cases where the Samsung galaxy S7 Exploded causing burns and inflicting pains on the life of individuals and families. --google trends--

In a warning message issued few days ago by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it  warned owners and users of Samsung Galaxy7 devices to “power them down and stop charging or using” the devices.

You will recall that Samsung has already issued a recall of sorts, “advising” customers to take their Galaxy7 devices to a store and exchange them for a temporary phone, and eventually a non-exploding device.

You will also recall that Some airlines have already banned and many is still banning + ready to ban passengers from using or charging their Note 7s while in flight. No one knows yet, but this  may probably lead to a complete ban of the Samsung galaxy7 devices across major or all airline globally.

Not withstanding, you will agree with me that outside the whole bombing, burning and blowing off, of the Samsung galaxy7 series (S7 and Note7 respectively), its specs still remains one to beat by other mobile manufacturers out there in the competitive mobile market.

What's your take on this?

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Let's hear your thought on this. We just hope samsung wont make same mistake on other galaxy models like the Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 edge to be released.

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