Just when you think you have completely stopped facebook from sharing your whatsapp details with your FB friends, It is now clear that was just for formalty and a waste of time.

You will recall that in April 2014, the father of social media "Facebook" reportedly acquired the social media bride and companion "Whatsapp" for a disclosed amount of $16Billion (16 billion US dollars). --- CNN Money--

After the purchase, everyone wondered what benefit this would add to Facebook since whatsapp was a free to use social chat app.. Time continue to roll pass and there began to unfold few little noticeable changes in whatsapp..

Not until recently, when the global messaging service WhatsApp provoked the world  by announcing that it is to start sharing its user data with its parent company Facebook. Which according to the company

"the new change is meant only to help improve the relevant ads on Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as helping to improve the messaging platform.

This obviously didn't go down well with so many users of both services as it was no doubt a breach in privacy and a threat to national security --ComputerWeekly--

Many of the social media platforms users (especially the tech bloggers)  including this one from ExpressUK , have been sharing and creating awareness to the general public, telling them how they can opt-out of this WhatsApp’s new changes, to prevent the messaging service from sending their phone numbers to Facebook.

However, it has now emerged that though you might have chosen not to share your account information under this WhatsApp’s latest policy change, you are not in any way guaranteed that the messaging platform will not share your phone number with Facebook.

In a recent interview with a Facebook spokesperson by the by Hindustantimes (an Asian based newspaper)   it was confirmed that even if you opt out, you are still not 100% safe.

“If you choose to opt out, this means Facebook won’t be able to suggest friends or improve the ads you see based on your WhatsApp number,” --spokesperson.

When asked, however, if phone numbers will still be shared, the spokesperson said: “…the phone number is being shared with Facebook, but it will not be in the public domain. Also some basic device information is being shared: mobile carrier code, identifier, mobile country code.”

However, the quick messaging platform made sure to re-assure its users that their privacy is still of great concern to them.

“WhatsApp has become even more private and secure since joining Facebook, as we launched end-to-end encryption, which ensures messages can only be read by people in the conversation. WhatsApp can’t read them and neither can Facebook.”. While also promising that there will be no form of third party banner ads on global chat messenger whatsapp..

What's your take on this?
Image Credit: Theguardian
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  1. Anonymity on the internet is an illusion! Even if there is an option not to share information publicly on the app. It may still be shared clandestinely for other purpose.