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BuzzedNG now confipost is an internet based media (weblog) focusing on tech, startups, entrepreneurship, social news and entertainment with a focus on digital media and digital technology in order to provide the most interesting and amazing sharable breaking news from around the world wide web with a major focus in the Nigeria and Africa Industries.

What We Do

Top priority is providing helps, tips, guides and how-tos for the Nigerian, African and global internet users who surf the web looking for useful information to help them in different areas of their lifes including technology, business and entrepreneurship.

You may want to call us the buzzfeed, mashable, and at same time techcrunch of Nigeria and Africa as we are geared towards enhancing and re-digitizing the Nigerian culture (web based) to meet up with international standards.

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About Confidence Ezemadu

Confidence Ezemadu is an is the founder of Naijify and currently the only person involved in running the affairs and updating the site with as much useful and quality content as possible. In his words

I believe writers are unique and highly talented individuals that should be given the respect they deserve

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  Confipost Statistics and Data

BuzzedNG now confipost was first though about during the ranging era of the "Buy Naija To Grow The Naira" trends on twitter by the distinguished senator Ben Murray Bruce as an online shopping portal focusing solely on made in Nigeria goods..

It later shifted its focus in the content publishing firm since majority of the country's blogs were focusing on entertainment and neglected the other good side of the internet which was providing guides to help searchers and info seekers.

The site was officially started 10 September 2016 with social accounts creation and design, It then had its first post on September 2016.. In September 2016, it then fully commenced operation  and since then has got some decent amount of visitors + still growing.

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